Thursday, April 19, 2012


So I wanted to make a cute balloon wreath that I found on Pinterest (instructions found HERE)

but it just seemed kinda of blah to me.  Then I found this little gem....
I LOVED the pipe cleaners that they added to it.  It needed that little pop I thought.  So I set out to make one of my own for Cayden's birthday.  I didn't exactly read the instructions before I went to the store.... SO... I didn't buy as many balloons as I should have (at least I think I would have been 1 bag short).  I just bought these bags at the dollar store
Then I headed to Hobby Lobby where I decided I would pick up some orange tulle (just in case).  I wasn't sure what my thought process was but it seemed like a good idea.
And the result is.....

I followed the VERY SIMPLE tutorial on How Does She.  The only change I made was adding the pipe cleaners and tulle.  I cut my tulle into strips (I'm going to do a tutorial on how I cut tulle because I'm pretty sure it's the best and most easy way out there) and added it every so often.  I was going to do the entire wreath but decided (with the help of my friend Aleesha) that it would look cool wrapped in tulle.  Orange is Cayden's favorite color so it made sense.  The best part is that it's customizable (That may not be a word).  The part of the wreath that is wrapped in orange tulle can be changed according to each child's favorite color of the theme of the part.  I thought it turned out great!  Hope you enjoy!