Thursday, April 19, 2012


So I wanted to make a cute balloon wreath that I found on Pinterest (instructions found HERE)

but it just seemed kinda of blah to me.  Then I found this little gem....
I LOVED the pipe cleaners that they added to it.  It needed that little pop I thought.  So I set out to make one of my own for Cayden's birthday.  I didn't exactly read the instructions before I went to the store.... SO... I didn't buy as many balloons as I should have (at least I think I would have been 1 bag short).  I just bought these bags at the dollar store
Then I headed to Hobby Lobby where I decided I would pick up some orange tulle (just in case).  I wasn't sure what my thought process was but it seemed like a good idea.
And the result is.....

I followed the VERY SIMPLE tutorial on How Does She.  The only change I made was adding the pipe cleaners and tulle.  I cut my tulle into strips (I'm going to do a tutorial on how I cut tulle because I'm pretty sure it's the best and most easy way out there) and added it every so often.  I was going to do the entire wreath but decided (with the help of my friend Aleesha) that it would look cool wrapped in tulle.  Orange is Cayden's favorite color so it made sense.  The best part is that it's customizable (That may not be a word).  The part of the wreath that is wrapped in orange tulle can be changed according to each child's favorite color of the theme of the part.  I thought it turned out great!  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home Made Formula

Well we made a HUGE change to Jaxson's diet in hopes that it will help with his asthma.  When I say HUGE I am talking I get funky looks from a lot of people when I tell them what I'm doing. lol!  I'm making Jaxson's formula.... Home made from scratch formula.  No extra crap added in.  No dairy.  No soy.  Completely organic and GOOD for him.  I was skeptic at first BUT I haven't had to give him a nebulizer treatment for 4 days.  I can't tell you how amazing that is.  I was doing Nebulizer treatments every 4-6 hours because his breathing was so bad.  He was struggling to breath more times than not.  It was heart breaking to hear him cough and then cry because breathing and coughing was so painful.  I haven't heard him weeze since the day I changed his diet.  It's been amazing!  So I've decided that for me and for those of you who care I'm going to share with you what I'm doing... How I'm making my own formula.  The formula is made out of Millet, dates, water, and blue green algea.
So this is Millet it's a grain type thing I buy this at Winco for .62 a pound....

 These are the whole pitted dates I get these at Winco and they usually cost around $2 per pound...
 And this is the powered gold that is also known as blue green algea.  But seriously this bottle was $49.
 Because it's in capsules I empty into an old baby food jar to make it easier for me.
 I soak the dates in water until they look like this....
 And then I add everything together in my blender (the millet, dates-with some water that they were soaked in, and water).
 I blend it all up and it looks like this.  It's slightly darker than regular formula.
 AND THEN... each time a make a bottle I lightly dust blue green algea on the top.  

I usually make a batch every other day.  I'm actually starting to cook extra millet just in case I need to make an extra batch.  With him strictly eating formula he goes through a lot more than if he were eating baby food along with it.

I was VERY skeptic that this would be nutritious enough for him but the blue green algea has so many nutrients in it that he's getting everything he needs.  And then I was worried that Jaxson wouldn't eat it... The good news is that HE LOVES it!  For the time being he's on formula only until I can get to my mom's house and make my own baby food... I know I'm going all crazy but it helps.  So in the next little bit we are going to be making changes in our diets as well... my husband doesn't know this (well actually he just read it over my shoulder and said "No we aren't!") but we are... I think it will be good for us.  If you want the details on how to make the formula I'm more than willing to share them.

Jaxson now weighs 30 pounds (which is 125 percentile) and since I can't remember his exact height he's 120 percentile there as well.  I have a friend that zoned him recently and has given me advice on what essential oils to use that will help him.  It's been really helpful and we haven't been to the doctor in over a week.  That is HUGE progress!!!!!!!  I just can't tell you how excited I am that he's doing better and is sleeping through the night again!  Seriously jumping for joy over here people.

Jaxson LOVES riding on the toy my parents got for him for Christmas.  When you bounce up and down it makes noises and he laughs so hard.
And then Cayden gets a hold of my phone and this happens. haha!  Love that boy.  

He's doing so well in school.  We had parent teacher conference today and he is doing amazing.  I never doubted he knew things but I was worried that his social skills would hold him back a little.  He has made HUGE strides and is now helping the younger kids in things that they don't understand that he does. He's such a good kid.  We are very blessed to have him part of our family.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Made this for myself an my mom for halloween with my friend Brooke.
Cayden's footprint is on the left and Jaxson's is on the right!  Google eyes and glitter mouth!  So fun!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tulle Wreath

This is my orange tulle wreath that I made....
The flowers I got from the dollar store and just hot glued them on.  I'm finishing a black one at craft night.

Glitter pumpkins

Look at this cute picture I found on a little blog called Tatertots and Jello.
What a great way to display the glitter pumpkins we are doing for the craft night... FROM THE DOLLAR STORE PEOPLE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Glitter pumpkins

I found this fake pumpkin at the dollar store and thought I'd try it out.

A little mod podge and glitter and it turned into....
For the craft night I thought small pumpkins would be best.  These are out of my mom's garden but I found fake small pumpkins at big lots in ogden for... you guessed it... $1!
I had to go over this one a second time because it didn't stick right so there was orange showing through.
The finished product.

The glitter I got from Hobby Lobby.  It came in a pack of 6 different colors for $4.99.  I actually got it 1/2 off which was an added bonus but I'm sure you could use the 40% off coupon they have posted HERE
I also added a bow and spider to the larger pumpkin I did.  I got the ribbon at Hobby lobby... and guess what.... It's 50% off this week see....HERE

So my friends that are coming to the craft night... I'll supply the mod podge (I've got some homemade stuff that's cheap and works just as well) you bring a brush and whatever glitter and pumpkin you want to do.  I'm also going to have treats there... it's going to be a fun night!  I look forward to seeing ya'll there!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


After getting hooked to Pintrest I've decided to start blogging my crafting abilities.  I also decided to do a craft night... The details of the craft night are....
Friday September 23, 2011
from 5pm-9pm (well until you're done crafting actually)
At my apartment... I'm not going to list this on this blog because it's public so if you want to come leave a comment with your email address and I'll email you  my address
We're going to be making......
This ADORABLE and VERY easy Tulle wreath

And/OR Cute Glitter pumpkins

I've figured out the cost for the tulle wreath so the details are as follows....
For a Solid Orange tulle wreath you will need
  • 1 embroidery hoop
  • 2 spools tulle (25 yards on each spool)
  • Black grosgrain ribbon
I got all my stuff at Hobby lobby.  I bought a simply wood embroidery hoop (it actually comes with two an inside and an outside so more sure for another wreath right?!) that cost $1.19.  The tulle for was $9.98 for 2 spools and I bought bulk ribbon and it was $3.99.  None of that includes tax.  So total it will be $15.16 + Tax for the solid orange.  There will be left over stuff though....

For a Solid Black tulle wreath you will need
  • 1 embroidery hoop
  • 2 spools tulle (25 yards on each spool)
  • Orange grosgrain ribbon

Again I got everything at Hobby lobby.  Same hoop cost $1.19.  Tulle this time was $5.98 for 2 spools and the ribbon was again $3.99.  So the total cost comes to $11.16 + Tax.

There are different options however instead of just a solid black or solid orange tulle... you could do...
 equal amounts of black and orange tied together

 5 black to every 1 orange

 2 black to every 1 orange

10 black to every 1 orange

Those are just a few of the options I've thought of.  If you do something like that the amount of tulle you use may be different.  If you're doing equal amounts of black and orange I would think 2 would be enough.  If you do more black than orange I would say you would want 1 more spool of black than orange.  Anyway there is that... I'll post details of the glitter pumpkins later today after I do them!  Look forward to seeing you guys soon!
Craft on my friends!